I  grew up in a small city close to the Southern German mountains. I’m a twenty-something, and representative for my generation: a depressed milennial just searching for the true meaning of why I’m here. While I’m busy figuring that out, I am quite possibly reading wild dystopias and brilliant Y/A literature; drinking really good coffee while discussing politics and culture; crying over university; travelling the world (basically back and forth between three countries, but at least I’m consistent in something); and/or trying to figure out how normal human beings actually behave, just to realise that I’m too much of a misanthrope to really want to know. It’s no secret that my default setting is mentally unstable, however I do believe I have what it takes to make it to the next day. I’m a geek, binging on the entire world of shows, films and fandoms out there. I lose my heart sometimes, scattering pieces of myself wherever I go. I’m on a road of recovery, self-love and self-acceptance. I am a feminist and I believe, love and compassion and respect will heal the world.

My writing has ever re-occuring themes of aching love, the idea of travelling back in time and second chances, and really just the way the universe is connected with whatever small atom there is. They’re heavy on feelings and don’t go easy on the heart, and they will not make you feel happy or floating on air, I promise. Instead, they will probably tear you into the ground and swipe just that from off your feet. Basically, my stories throw knives into the centers of your hearts and then whisper into your ear: “Good luck.”

I will be posting in German and English on this blog, but English will be the predominant language.

I am a self-published author on Amazon, and you find my first published novel “Why We Are Here” on all available Amazon marketplaces.