I  grew up in a small city close to the Southern German mountains. I’m a 26 year old author rising from the depths of writing for social networks, newspapers and friends to new heights: The world as a self-published author. I have published my first work, “Why We Are Here”, in 2018 and my next work is just waiting around the corner to see the light of day!

I work as a content creator within the branch of education, as a freelance photographer and self-published author. I’ve studied English studies and philosophy for several years at university. My heart has an ever burning passion for cultural and social science.

My writing has re-occuring themes of aching love and the loss thereof. All the while I am wary of not using any language and imagery based upon cliché, but rather based upon my own experienced world. I am a pisces and I’ve found to reach out with my stories to other pisces particularly well. My writing is certainly melancholic, but it is a dark melancholy. My words describe a beautiful and deep idea of the world and all its connections without promising a bright, shining happy end.

I am a self-published author on Amazon, and you can find my first published novel “Why We Are Here” on all available Amazon marketplaces or by clicking here:

Why We Are Here