#WhyWeAreHere out today in all formats! + Giveaway Updates

Published Work, Short Stories

It’s official – Why We Are Here is out in all formats and available for all types of readers – as a 2nd edition paperback and as an e-book! And it’s even available in all price variations – you can even read it for free if you own a KU subcription – just click here for more info on that.

It’s been an exciting ride so far – to get my own words out into the world for the first time and being seen as an author, not just writing for myself and friends, is new and thrilling for me. So I’d like to place a big thank you here, to everyone who’s helped me on this journey so far, especially to my friend Anne, who has introduced me to self-publishing and has supported me on this journey as a newborn author, and to my boyfriend, who has helped revising the first edition of my paperback – any of you who know me also know that I hate revising. So THANK YOU!

So, I’ve decided to do a give-away – because I’d really like you to read this story. You can win *5 e-books of Why We Are Here * and in order to participate, these are the conditions:

  • you can be from anywhere around the world and literally just need an e-mail adress and a mobile device that can read e-books (such as a kindle, other e-book readers, tablets, smartphones)
  • please follow my account in FB and IG, share the give-away post I have posted to instagram and facebook PUBLICLY (!) on your IG or FB account and tag three friends under that post. If your settings aren’t public, I can’t see it.


  •  That’s it! I’ll decide the winners on May, 24th!

    Have an amazing Thursday!

    x Mercy Ferrars


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