#WhyWeAreHere E-Book Release and free reading options!

Published Work, Short Stories

It’s happening!
My first published novel will be available as a Kindle edition, in addition to the paperback version I’ve released about a month ago!
The new release date is

Thursday, May 17th!
Why We Are Here, English, 160 pages
Available on all Amazon Market Places

And if you own a Kindle or really any other mobile device and you’re signed up for Kindle’s special e-book service Kindle Unlimited, you can even grab a copy for FREE! KU costs approximately 10€ a month and you can read an endless amount of books for free on your Kindle, smartphone, tablet or other devices. You can also get a 30 day trial version for free. So even with very little money on your hands you can read my story!

Since not everybody is a heavy reader and for some it’s just not lucrative to get a subscription, I will give away 5 e-books of #whywearehere for free! More information on how the giveaway works will be published on May, 17th on

Facebook: Mercy Ferrars
Instagram: @author_mercyferrars
and here!

If you read my story and like what you see, I’d be very happy if you wrote a review on Amazon! 🙂

See you soon!

Mercy Ferrars


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