Why We Are Here

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Dear Followers! ❤

I started writing when I was 12. My writing radically changed when I was around 18 and got my first broken heart which would follow me for many years – and for what it’s worth, it transformed my “writing for fun” into writing as an expression of who I am, what I’m feeling, and what I’m using it for. So after that second period of writing in which it served as a therapeutic tool, a few years ago I entered a third stage: To professionalise writing and to start working on fictional stories. While my first novel was completely auto-biographic between the lines, my second novel was a mix between auto-biographic writing and storytelling, in my third novel I’ve finally arrived within the full world of storytelling.

So while the first two novels were very personal and the writing was very raw, the third novel is my first real fictional story, in which I have actually started to love worldbuilding and framework.

And I am proud to tell you – I published it on Amazon! This is the first time I dare to go out into the world with my words, and it’s an exciting time for me. My new novel is called “Why We Are Here” and follows Juniper, who experiences her world just a tiny, tiny bit differently from how we do. And as her story goes on, she even questions if her world is real.

To purchase Why We Are Here and thereby support me and my writing, please check out my Amazon:

Klick here for German Amazon

Klick here for Worldwide Amazon

You can also read an excerpt of the book on Amazon. 🙂

All the love in the world,

Mercy ❤


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